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Gold Coast development: City’s skyline to dramatically change by 2032

  • August 03, 2021
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More than one million people call the Gold Coast home, the light rail travels to Coolangatta and electric buses are running to the city’s stadiums around the clock. This is how the city will change by the time of the 2032 Olympics.

MORE than 1 million people call the Gold Coast home, the light rail travels to Coolangatta and electric buses are running to the city’s stadiums around the clock.

It is July 23, 2032 and southeast Queensland is about to host the opening ceremony of the 35th Olympiad.

Leading social researchers and demographers have painted a picture of the Gold Coast 11 years in the future as a “gleaming cosmopolitan city” that will have blossomed dramatically.

img-The Star Gold Coast Masterplan Development

Demographer Bernard Salt said the Gold Coast of 2032 would be coming off a decade-long building boom of new infrastructure and real estate developments, including Star’s $2bn masterplan which will dominate the Broadbeach skyline.

“There will be 1 million people on the Gold Coast by 2032 and the infrastructure is going to be huge,” he said. “There will definitely be more of the light rail and the airport is going to be bigger.

“It’s not just the infrastructure that people are going to see that looks different. The Gold Coast will be a hub of activity throughout the decade and it will simply be a much bigger city.”

img-Fast trains are a hoped for piece of infrastructure

Top-10 Gold Coast projects to be fast-tracked

· Gold Coast light rail Stage 4

· Heavy rail from Varsity Lakes to the Airport

· Hinterland cableway

· East-west busline to Robina

· East-west busline to Nerang

· Coomera Community Centre

· Dive Site Stage 2

· Expanded ferry service

Mr Salt said he anticipated the city would become one of the world’s pre-eminent sports training facilities, with teams from across the globe making their base at one of the Coast’s many Olympic-standard pools and running tracks.

By 2032, many of the major tourism-based projects on the Gold Coast City Council’s infrastructure shortlist are expected to have been realised, including the hinterland cableway and expanded dive site.

img Social Researcher Mark McCrindle

Social researcher Mark McCrindle said the southeast Queensland of 2032 would have a population of 5 million people, rivalling that of present-day Sydney.

“Even more than the Commonwealth Games, this is going to put the whole region on the global map, but through this time the Gold Coast will have continued to grow significantly through internal migration,” he said.

“The benefits of this growth will be that it will create jobs and business momentum while increasingly you will see corporations relocate.”

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